Invitation for Conservation Soil Tillage Working Group

Dear Colleagues and friends,

At the beginning, I would like to tell thank you for your interest as a member of Working Group (WG) Conservation Soil Tillage (CST).
I would like to share with you some basic information and my thoughts about WG CST

  • In last ISTRO info you can find statement about establishing WG CST.
  • Invitation for membership is continuously open and free of charge.
  • Members of WG CST not necessarily to be a member of ISTRO.
  • Duration of WG CST is not time-limited and WG can be active as long as interest exists.
  • WG CST web link ( on new ISTRO web page still not in full function, but when it will be done many information will be possible to share.
  •  Communication ways inter WG CST members could be by email or video conferencing or web page (after start functioning) or any other ways.

As member of ISTRO board I initiated establishing of WG CST with two main intention, to promote conservation soil tillage (primarily in scientific societies) and make better close-connections among scientists.Main activities or results of WG CST will (or could can) be:

  • organizing¸/preparation workshops and or meetings approximately once per year (or once in 1,5 year), with chosen topics / themes,
  • creation some kind of publications, promo-materials, scientific books or any other type of promotion,
  • any other suggestions by the WG CST members are more than welcome and please share your information, ideas and thoughts.

In the name of Secretary Daniel Plaza Bonila and personal
I wish to all of us many success and prosperity in our future activities

Danijel Jug
Full professor
President of CROSTRO (HDPOT)

Hungarian Branch of ISTRO