ISTRO Conference 2018


We kindly invite you to submit an abstract on one of following conference topics: 
1. Soil conservation                                    2. Soil compaction and structure remediation 
3. Soil ecology and Ecosystem services  4. Soil Organic Carbon sequestration and management 
5. Biogeochemical Processes in soils      6. Advances in soil structure characterization 
7. Tillage and smart farming                    8. Tires, tillage and seeding equipment design 
9. Design of soil tillage strategies 
The field day will focus on the visit of ARVALIS experimental station in Boigneville.
During the visit, 5 sessions will be presented outside:
– Crop establishment and seeding technologies
– Cover crops
– Dynamics of soil structure from the 50-year long-term experiment
– The use of visual assessment methods of soil structure in France
– Compaction, tires and tractor 
Then, you will visit t
he Castle of Fontainebleau.

Detailed tour information is now available on the site
An evaluation of the cost is in progress and will soon be given on the website


The list of  the keynotes speakers invited to introduce the sessions is now known: 
– Dr. Rattan Lal 
– Pr. Dr. Claire Chenu
– Pr. Paolo Bàrberi
– Dr. Suresh Kumar Chaudhari

– Dr Thomas Keller
early bird
You can already register and benefit from the early bird rate until 1st May!
All information is available here. 
Please don’t hesitate to forward this email to your colleagues/Researchers/students in order to promote the conference.
Thanks very much 
Jean Roger-Estrade, ISTRO President and the organizing committee