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Dear Colleagues and friends,

At the beginning, I would like to tell thank you for your interest as a member of Working Group (WG) Conservation Soil Tillage (CST).
I would like to share with you some basic information and my thoughts about WG CST

  • In last ISTRO info you can find statement about establishing WG CST.
  • Invitation for membership is continuously open and free of charge.
  • Members of WG CST not necessarily to be a member of ISTRO.
  • Duration of WG CST is not time-limited and WG can be active as long as interest exists.
  • WG CST web link ( on new ISTRO web page still not in full function, but when it will be done many information will be possible to share.
  •  Communication ways inter WG CST members could be by email or video conferencing or web page (after start functioning) or any other ways.

As member of ISTRO board I initiated establishing of WG CST with two main intention, to promote conservation soil tillage (primarily in scientific societies) and make better close-connections among scientists.Main activities or results of WG CST will (or could can) be:

  • organizing¸/preparation workshops and or meetings approximately once per year (or once in 1,5 year), with chosen topics / themes,
  • creation some kind of publications, promo-materials, scientific books or any other type of promotion,
  • any other suggestions by the WG CST members are more than welcome and please share your information, ideas and thoughts.

In the name of Secretary Daniel Plaza Bonila and personal
I wish to all of us many success and prosperity in our future activities

Danijel Jug
Full professor
President of CROSTRO (HDPOT)

21st ISTRO International Conference 2018 Paris


The due date for submitting an abstract is reached. Good news: more than 210 abstracts have been submitted. The conference is attractive! Some topics, classical for an ISTRO conference, as soil compaction, soil conservation or design and assessment of soil tillage strategies, had a great success. However, all the nine sessions will be open, with interesting presentations in each of them.
Now it is time to register! Early bird limit has been extended to June the 15th

All the Keynotes speakers accepted our invitation: Dr. Rattan Lal, Pr. Dr. Claire Chenu, Pr. Paolo Bàrberi, Dr. Suresh Kumar Chaudhari and Dr. Thomas Keller (Visit the site to get more details). 
A special issue of Soil in Tillage Research is planned. It will gather the  keynotes presentations as well as some of the best contributions selected in the different sessions of the conference.
We are planning about 100-110 oral presentations with an equal number of posters. Three poster sessions will be organized. 
During the field trip, we will visit the ARVALIS experimental station in Boigneville (one hour trip south of Paris) where we are preparing a tour including five small workshops on the following topics: crop establishment and seeding technologies; cover crops; dynamics of soil structure; visual assessment methods of soil structure and compaction. The trip will end with a visit of the castle of Fontainebleau historically very important (although less known than Versailles).
The conference dinner is planned on Thursday night in a typical parisian brasserie (However this may change, if we find an even better place).
We are also finalizing the program for accompanying persons. Do not hesitate to bring your companion in Paris. This tour will be an opportunity to discover Paris in an original way.

This 4-day post conference tour will be a good opportunity to discover Center and Eastern France, while visiting some of the major places where soil research is active in France. The tour will go through the Burgundy vineyards and will end in the historical city of Lyon (visit the site for more information on the organization). the tour will be limited to 50 participants.
Registration is now open

To date, five partners support the conference:  CMI Roullier, Michelin, AGCO, KUHN and Eijkelkamp.

All information about the conference is available here.
Please don’t hesitate to forward this email to your colleagues/Researchers/students in order to promote the conference.
Thanks very much
Jean Roger-Estrade, ISTRO President on behalf of the organizing committee